A Note to NFL Owners


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry will address the realities to the head up the ass billionaire owners of the NFL and their fag liberal Commission which has created the demise of the National Football League as the Lame Cherry knows how to fix this and what the problem is.

Sagging NFL TV ratings leave owners scrambling for answers…

First a little bit of history for the billionaires.

Do you know how many people were watching football in the 1960’s? No one was.

Want to know why?

Because football is a damned boring sport like baseball and golf. Football sucks. Football players used to have to work as car salesmen in the 1960’s off season to afford to live, because the NFL had no money.

What changed all of that?

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Hillary Clinton goes into hiding as cabal takedown continues despite empty threats of nuclear war

Hillary Clinton goes into hiding as cabal takedown continues despite empty threats of nuclear war
Posted by benjamin
October 17, 2016

World events are clearly heading to some sort of big turning point in the coming weeks as can be seen by many events in the news and in the secret world. What is going on is that two massive rival factions vying for control of world power are entering the final round of their titanic struggle to control the financial system and thus process of deciding what humanity does in the future.

The outcome looks certain to be the defeat of the Khazarian mafia cabal that has secretly controlled world power since at least 1913 and, in the West, probably for thousands of years.

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The US Presidential election due for November 8th will be cancelled and instead there will be war crimes tribunals held, sources in both the Pentagon and the CIA say. The excuse for cancelling the election will be the resignation of one of the presidential candidates, the CIA sources say.
Here is the raw intel from the CIA:

“There is now a 90% probability that the elections will be postponed.”
I asked my contact in DC why? His answer was:
“You can’t have an election with one candidate”
I asked him which one will be removed. His reply was:
“I am not allowed to tell you, let’s just say that Obama will make the announcement very soon.”

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Document dump shows Federal Reserve Board based on outright fraud

Documents leaked by US government personnel reveal in detail how the owners of Federal Reserve Board created the 2008 Lehman crisis as a way to steal vast sums from the people of the planet.
The documents show how an Indonesian by the name of Yohannes Riyadi used 700 tons of gold that originally belonged for former Indonesian President Soekarno to back a US$500 billion bond issue. This money was used to bribe senior Indonesian government officials, according to CIA officials based in Asia.
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Major world power struggles and changes due in October

Posted by benjamin, September 26, 2016

Multiple, reliable sources inside the world’s intelligence agencies and secret societies are predicting major changes in the world’s power structure in October. The struggle is centering on who will control the United States and its military industrial complex, the sources agree.

CIA and Pentagon sources are now both saying neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States. However, they disagree on who will become president, showing that the issue is still up for grabs.

US based CIA sources are still insisting Vice President Joe Biden will become President only to be quickly replaced by VP candidate Tim Kaine. These sources are also saying there is a faction pushing to have Michelle Obama become President thus de-facto prolonging the Obama Presidency.

However, Pentagon sources say a Biden Presidency “would be a disaster.” They are saying that instead “The October surprise may have the Republic restored and new candidates for President like speaker Paul Ryan (R) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (Dem), who gained national profile for publically flogging Wells Fargo CEO.”

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George Soros…György Schwartz… outlines his plan for White genocide

On the thread George Soros outlines his plan for White genocide I found this, and IT FITS PERFECT:
Supremacist Jews like George Soros (György Schwartz) have long been a net-negative albatross around the necks of the White populations that they parasitize, plunder, and use as proxies for their nation-wrecking pogroms. Rather than “anti-Semitism,” it has been their virulent and violent “anti-Gentilism” that has repeatedly led to war, “perpetual social fever,” and to their “wholesale expulsion” from so many White nations throughout history. “Anti-Gentilism” is the disease, and the only cure for White nations is to maintain sovereign, defensible ethno-states like Jews have in Israel.

In order for White nations to be healthy and for White peoples to thrive, anti-White Jews like Schwartz must not dwell among us. Since 1948, György Schwartz and his ilk have had a permanent “homeland” in Israel, where they are free to maintain their unassimilable “religion,” their racial separatism and supremacism, and their mythical “chosen-ness.” Supremacist Jews don’t belong with us, we don’t need them, and we are far better off on our own, free of their meddling, manipulation, and Marxist-Talmudic terrorism. Now more than ever, it is a question of life or death for European-descended peoples around the world. Our very existence is at stake.

My response: WELL SAID, and if anyone doubts this Stormfront perspective, go to Huffington Post and SEE THIS, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. —Jim Stone


Fulford …It is not over until we see the 911/311 perpetrators perp walked in front of the world’s TV cameras

There can be no doubt the Khazarian mafia is in a desperate situation and is about to lose power, as can be seen from multiple events we will mention below. However, it is also a fact that most off the so-called “leaders” paraded before the world at last weeks’ G20 conference still refuse to tell the truth about 911, 311, Malaysia Air Flight 370/17 and many other government acts of terrorism. Until we see leaders who will tell the truth, in public, about these crimes and then order the arrest of the perpetrators, the war to free humanity will not be over.

Take a look (starting at the 11 minutes and 30 second mark), at this G20 video and you can see German Chancellor Angela Merkel making her freemasonic eye sign.

She, the only member of the ruling Saxe-Gotha Rothschild family present, is once again telling those who have eyes to see that the G20, self-described as the world’s highest level economic forum, is just a gathering of Rothschild servants. Look at their garbled communique for yourself to see what a useless joke this group is.
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Kim Jong Un can’t take the jokes, bans sarcasm

Kim Jung UN can´t take the jokes… How about this one… Do they let you keep the rice bowl after that haircut? Or how about you will never be the golfer your dad was, when he got 11 holes in one on his fist time ever golfing

We have an analogue of this in the USA, where criticism of our queen is met with accusations of racism, if not homophobia and anti-Islamic sentiment.