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Month: April 2010

Illuminati headed for civil war or revolution, Kissinger rebuffed in Japan, Obama rebuffed in Iran

There are numerous signs of severe discord within the European and North American secret governments these days. What we seem to be witnessing is the very dangerous death throes of the Nazi faction of the Western secret government. They have launched a desperate counter-attack over the past week in order to prevent the implementation of the new financial system. This counter-attack has been triggered because most members of the Washington establishment, top pentagon brass and members of European Royal Families have all been handed subpoenas by judicial authorities in recent days, according to a member of the British Royal family and an opposition source in the US.

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Bill Clinton was not even allowed out of the plane when he arrived in Japan seeking money last week

There are multiple signs the secret financial World War 3 that has been raging is reaching a dangerous climax. The Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate appears to be on its last legs. As a sign of their desperation Bill Clinton showed up in Tokyo last week trying to cash the $134.5 billion in bonds that were confiscated in Italy last July. He was not even allowed off the plane, according to a Black Dragon Society member who was on board with him.

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About last week’s failed US begging mission in China and the continuing disintegration of the Federal Reserve Empire

Last week US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and his de-facto boss former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were in China asking for money. According to a Chinese source who was at the meeting Paulson actually got on his knees and begged but to no avail.

The US side also asked China to raise the value of the Yuan. This may happen to some extent but it will not help the US out of its hole. The fact of the matter is that the US dollar is no longer the US dollar. About 90% of the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Other countries are not going to sit by and watch the value of their dollars suddenly fall by 30 or 50% or more. Since trade with the US only accounts for 12% of China’s overall trade with the world China does not need to worry so much about being shut out of the US market, either.

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Have the illuminati been monopolizing ancient technology?

In recent meetings with various self-described members of the “illuminati,” I have been told about how they have monopolized powerful ancient technologies in order to enforce their secret rule over humanity. In fact they have even provided me with several books describing in exact detail how to summon various “entities” who control primeval forces.

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