If it was not bad enough that the msm recently destroyed any remaining credibility it had during the election season as proven by their viewer numbers bleeding, we now see the Washington Post via ‘PropOrNot’ attempt to label almost every independent news outlet across America as ‘Russian propaganda’. As we learn below, we shouldn’t be surprised as ‘PropOrNot’ has ties to NATO and globalist warmongers across the planet.
Calling on Americans to trust the very same media outlets that have betrayed us by endlessly lying to us over many, many years, we see an attempted free-speech purge unfolding and an attempted ‘Stalinesque-purge’ upon nearly every media outlet we’ve come to know and trust over many years (as well as some we don’t know nor trust). The full list of websites deemed ‘Russian propaganda’ below videos.
With Max Blumenthal over at The Smirking Chimp recently proving to us that the PropOrNot website was created using the WordPress localization tool. Ultimately representing shadowy ties to groups funded by NATO and the US government, we see what appears to be a very real propaganda effort from a dying regime being exposed before our very eyes.